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The Race to Krakow

In early July the annual Oxford University Hockey Club tour was meant to take place. This year’s destination for our annual escapade was meant to be to Krakow, Poland, which has been voted one of Europe’s most popular cities to visit! This highly anticipated tour was long awaited for many of us as a reward for completing our exams after a busy term of work. It also provides an opportunity for those of us who would have been completing finals and have spent many hours together both on and off the hockey pitch, the chance for one last hoorah with friends before they move on to the next stages of their career.

However, due to the Government restrictions on essential travel and the difficultly of international travel surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic, the tour would seem unlikely. Although this was saddening news for many of us, we didn't let it dampen our spirits. We will make it to Krakow! (Figuratively speaking, see below)

Now, more than ever, is the time for us to band together, and so as a club we wanted to do our bit for the nation and help make a difference! Therefore, as a club, we decided each of our teams would collectively run, jog or walk the distance to Krakow from Oxford. That would involve each of our teams of “high-calibre performance athletes” covering a distance of 1,723 km over the next few weeks. Cumulatively that’s 12,062 km!

We have made it and raised a enormous value of £3045 for the following charities:

Congratulations to everyone involved. It is an amazing achievement for a great cause.


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