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About Us

Welcome to Oxford University Hockey Club. With a history spanning over 130 years, OUHC is one of the oldest sports club at the university. Since our inception, the club has grown to become the largest and one of the most successful clubs in Oxford.  

OUHC is a mixed hockey club, offering competitive and friendly hockey for students at the University of Oxford. As of the 2020/21 season, the club has close to 150 members representing the university through eight competitive teams (four men's and four women's). Our teams play against other universities on Wednesdays in the BUCS leagues and against regional club sides on Saturdays in the South Hockey leagues.

OUHC is proud to cater to all levels of ability. We welcome and encourage players with school or club experience to join one of our competitive teams; if you would like to join OUHC, please click here! However, if you are new to the sport or want to play socially, there is still plenty of hockey for you. The club runs inter-college leagues during Michaelmas and the 'Cuppers' competition during Hilary - these are both great opportunities to play hockey with your college friends and keep active. You can find out more about these competition on the College Hockey page. If you are looking to improve your game and want to learn from some of Oxford's best hockey players, come along to our development Academy on Sunday mornings. The Academy is run by our Blues players and offers free training to college teams or individuals who want to develop their skills - click here to find out more!

Varsity Matches

Since the very first Varsity Match in 1890, the competition between Oxford and Cambridge has been fiercely contested. To this day, the Varsity Matches continue to be the highlight of the OUHC calendar.

For almost two decades, the University Hockey Match has been held at Southgate Hockey Club at the end of Hilary term. The 2s/3s/4s Varsity matches (better known at BDoTY) take place a fortnight beforehand and the venue alternates between Oxford and Cambridge.

To find out more about the history of the Varsity Match and to see recent results, please visit the Varsity page.

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