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Subs and Finances 

The hockey club is largely financed through player subscriptions, or “subs”. All players pay subs that vary depending on their team, and there are extra charges and costs for most members. Some of these extra charges are compulsory (eg. match kit) and others are optional (eg. socials).


Subs and charges will be accumulated and sent out to players three times a year, near the end of each term, using a battels-like system that colleges use. Playing subs are only incurred in Michaelmas and Hilary, whereas any extra charges will be sent out in all three terms. A breakdown of charges is included and players are advised to go to their captains with any queries, who may direct them to the club Treasurer.


A number of colleges give students the opportunity to apply for financial support for sports subscriptions. This may include paying for subs, kit, or other necessary charges. Not all colleges have the same system in place, so players should contact their JCR Sports Rep to ask for advice. Receipts or invoices for subs will always be given by the club Treasurer on request, as colleges require a receipt in order for players to be refunded.


OUHC is always happy to accommodate those who are struggling with subs. Players can contact the Treasurer or Welfare Secretaries if they are worried about club costs and we will do our best to make an arrangement that suits everyone. If a member is injured for a large part of the season or cannot play for another reason, this will be taken into account, and they should contact the Treasurer if this is the case.


Players can earn money from the club through umpiring (either OUHC or college matches) and through coaching. There is a form to claim money for umpiring or to be reimbursed for petrol when driving to matches. These claims will be accumulated and offset against subs/charges to reduce a player’s termly battels bill.


We have included a rough cost breakdown for the whole year. This only acts as a guide and the charges here are not exhaustive and not certain. However, it is unlikely that any player will be paying for everything listed as many of the fees are optional.

Expected Season Player Costs

Miriam Dirnhuber

Oxford University Hockey Club Treasurer

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