Team Info


F Newbold, O Welsh, R Diggin


Libby McDonagh & Zoe Rhoades

BUCS Division

ICG Midlands Tier 2B

EH Division

Trysports Three Counties Div 1

Captains' Welcome  

The Mavericks is a team centred around playing a high standard of competitive hockey in a sociable and enjoyable environment. But we are also known as one of the most fun teams to be with on a night out as we commit to our squad socials almost as much as we do to our early morning training sessions. This means that the Mavs have a strong bond which welcomes new players with open arms. With roles within the team such as socialMav, welfareMav and webmasterMav, everyone has the opportunity to feel involved in OUHC past just playing hockey. We truly are a well-rounded team.


The Mavs are in two leagues: the BUCS Midlands - Tier 2B and the Trysports Three Counties League - Division 1. This season we have played well against strong university sides in BUCS and remained in our division. But with an aim to get more consistent results we hope to finish comfortably higher up the table next season. Although the Three Counties League was cut short by a few games, the Mavs had a successful season, and came away with an overall good standing in the league. Our goal for next season in the Counties League is to play competitively and keep up our high level of fitness whilst refining our skills as we strive for a promotion. 


The Mavs are excited to have a Women's 4th team being introduced to OUHC as not only will it push us to be more competitive in training and matches, but it means more women getting the chance to play for OUHC which is always a big win! We also hope to organise more training sessions and friendly matches with the Rads and the Rens next season, especially if BUCS matches can’t go ahead in first term.


As co-captains for the 2020/20+1 season, we aim to continue and build upon the great ethos of the Mavs. Ultimately, we are a competitive team with a familial environment whose players work hard and are motivated for themselves and each other.

Libby McDonagh & Zoe Rhoades

Mavericks Captains 2020-21