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Henry Patterson


Lizzy Skells

BUCS Division

ICG Midlands Tier 2A

EH Division

Trysports Premier Division 1

Captain's Welcome

On the pitch during the 2020-21 season, the Rads secured promotion in their Saturday league with games ranging from the gritty (coming back from 2-0 down to win 4-2 against Thame) to the dominant (12-0 win against Witney). After a few dropped points early on, once the team settled, Captains Libby Gower-Isaac and Anna Sweetman steered the team on an inexorable climb towards the top spots. Playing in the Trysports Premier Division 1 this season, the Rads are looking to continue this rise with another promotion. In BUCS, we also put our goal-scoring talents to good use, with results such as 15-0 against Worcester 1’s, and 4-0 against Birmingham 5’s firmly establishing Rads at the top of the OUHC Fantasy Hockey League table, and narrowly missing out on promotion by just one goal. We also reached the quarter finals of the BUCS Cup after some nail-biting flicks.


At Varsity, the Tabs were shoed in what is becoming somewhat of a nerve-wracking tradition – with the game finishing tied at 0-0 after strong performances from both sides, a tense set of shuffles, and some top-notch goalkeeping led to the Rads winning on shuffles for the 2nd year in a row. Dressed in Men in Black costumes we celebrated in full Rads-style and are hoping to take it a step further with an outright win this year.


Off the pitch, the Rads have put in some stellar performances on the social side. Our dressing up talents know no bounds, with class efforts both as a team (the Toy Story Aliens winning best outfit at Raid the Arcade), and some memorable individual performances (Annie Wooler dressing as the Parthenon). A friendly, welcoming and social team, with many Vinnies/ Alpha Bar lunches to our name, the Rads combine a fun and thriving social scene with high quality, skilful, cohesive hockey. It’s exciting to see what next season will bring.